About us

Medusa BV is a rodent breeding farm in Zeelandic Flanders (region in the Netherlands) close to the Belgian border.

Djungarian hamster mandarin

In 1995, we started as a professional breeding farm in Bergambacht after years of breeding small rodents as a hobby. We soon found that our farm was too small for our operations and we moved in the year 2000 to our current location in the Zeelandic Flanders where we found the required space for our animals.

Hairless mouse

Here we breed in a fully equipped barn where we breed a wide variety of animals. From guinea pigs to small dwarf hamsters and roborovskis.

Medusa was the first Dutch company to breed and sell colour mutations of small rodents. We introduced frizzy mice, dalmatiner syrian hamsters, hairless rats and dumbo rats to the European market.

Our location allows us to deliver weekly in the Benelux, Germany and France with our own vehicles. We are open to deliveries outside these countries as well. We have extensive experience with Air transport to the Middle-east, Lapland, Hong-Kong and Canada.